Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The 1990 World Series with Mr. Scully and Mr. Baer

In 1990 in Oakland I had the chance to watch the master at work. Vin Scully was doing the radio play-by-play for CBS Radio, and I got to sit in the broadcast booth and listen to him do the final two games between the Reds and the A's (remember the Reds amazingly swept the dreaded Bash Brothers).

My baseball documentary producing partner, the late, great Norman Baer, was producing the broadcast. In those simpler days, he had arranged a press pass for me. No one objected to me sitting there in slack-jawed awe at my first (and only) World Series and listening to the greatest baseball announcer of all time do his work. And in the next booth was Jack Buck doing the TV broadcast.

A couple of years ago, I heard Vin tell a story about Norman on a Dodgers broadcast. Seems Norman was in the Minneapolis with Bob Wolff, the Twins announcer. Charlie Fox, the manager and scout, was visiting the city, and the three had plans to get together. Norman called Fox's hotel and asked the young lady receptionist to leave a message for Bob. "Would you please tell Mr. Wolff that Mr. Baer and Mr. Fox are waiting for him in the hotel bar?" There was a pause on the line as the message and names sunk in. "Yeah, right!" she huffed and hung up the phone.  

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